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All the buckets that you see in this store are handmade.  I  have been making them for family and friends for over 30 years.  When I started, there was not a lot of material to learn from, so I taught myself, and the coopering methods that I have developed are a combination of skills that I have borrowed from my cabinet/furniture making as well as my blacksmithing 'portfolio'.  I make my staves on a cabinetmaker's bench, not a shaving horse.  The staves are shaped using several convex planes--I've never used a scorp or a drawknife.  But I'll let my work speak for itself.  All my buckets are what the craft refers to as "white cooperage"; but they all hold water without caulking, or flagging.  I take pride in the joinery.  You will be happy with your bucket. Jack

You can order your bucket natural or with a stain.  There is no limit to what you can do with pine.  The stains you see on the following pages are the most common, but I have had customers use blue, yellow or red stains--lots of choices, anything you like!  The buckets shown are 4 gallon, but I can make them in one, two, thru 6 gallon.  Anything larger is a tub--and you can see them on another page.

Almost a Bucket!

After the staves are formed, they are assembled then smoothed out with a convex plane prior to putting in the "head" or bottom


Ready to install the "Head", or bottom

The croze is the groove that holds the head.  It is cut with a special tool made just for this purpose.  Tools similar to this one have been used for thousands of years!